Adult Day Care


What is Adult Day Care?


SeniorsplayingcardsAdult day care is a planned program of activities designed to promote well-being though social and health-related services. Adult day care centers operate during daytime hours, Monday through Friday, in a safe, supportive, cheerful environment. Nutritious meals that accommodate special diets are typically included, along with an afternoon snack.


***Languages: English, Spanish, French, and Creole***

***We accept Medicaid, Long-term Care, VA benefits, and Private Payment.***

*** No extra cost for limited nursing services***


Adult day care centers can be public or private, non-profit or for-profit. The intent of an adult day center is primarily two-fold:

cropped-daisy2.png   To provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and receive both mental and social stimulation

cropped-daisy2.png   To give caregivers a much-needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or simply rest and relax


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