Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Senior living facilities all over the country are gearing up for another Thanksgiving season. While some may go to the homes of their family, many seniors will stay in their assisted living homes missing traditions they used to share with their loved ones.

Preparing for this day is important so as to ensure that seniors enjoy their stay and give them an opportunity to give thanks for the great things that has happened to their lives.

Here are a few activity suggestions that would get the residents excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving and motivate them to participate in the festivities.


Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Regardless of the circumstances, making holiday crafts that reflect the spirit of the holiday reminds us of the joy of being alive. Thanksgiving also provides an ideal setting to bring out the creative side of the older generation.

Get the seniors to do some crafts and let them create the centerpiece for the tables and the decorations. Adding a few Thanksgiving touches to the social areas can set the mood for the holiday.

Grandparent and grandchild activities

For most grandparents, the greatest joy is to have their grandchildren visit and spend quality time with them during the holidays. You can plan a Thanksgiving-themed craft day or get the kids to prepare a special presentation for their grandparents. This can be a fun and entertaining activity for everyone.

Thankful board

Bulletin boards often remind us of the things we should do or announcements. This time, use the bulletin board to remind people of the things they are grateful for.

A thankfulness exercise will give the festivities the proper tone. Provide the seniors with pre-cut paper leaves and ask them to write something they are thankful for. Then, ask them post it on the bulletin board.